Introduction – What is Your Idea?

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What’s Your Idea?

Got an idea but haven’t started working on it?

This book blog series is for you.

It’s for people needing motivation. A kick in the ass. A reason to get started.

For people that think their idea isn’t good enough.

  • Won’t make any money.
  • Is silly.
  • Stupid.
  • Dumb.

Or any other reason that stops them from starting.

This could be you.

Right now.

Or it could be someone you know.

My goal is to make you believe in yourself and your idea.

Who am I? I’m a guy named Sam living in New Zealand.

Over the years I’ve started a nationwide Secret Santa on Twitter that got mentioned all around the world.

I grow giant pumpkins. List all the Op Shops in the country and do a weekly podcast.

I’m probably working on something else right now.

I’m always working on random ideas that pop into my head. One of which was to write this book / blog series.

The question I have for you is:

Will it be one day, or is this day one?

Let’s find out.

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