New Project – Audio Scrapbook

OK, I’m at that point where I feel comfortable talking about a new project.

I have random ideas all the time. Some are good. Some are not so good.

Some I work on. Some actually become something. Other things die and I don’t mention them here.

What is an Audio Scrapbook?

Before I get to that. I better explain the process I went through to get here.

First off. I worry about people randomly dying sometimes. I’ve mentioned it here and here before.

And when you stop thinking about it. BAM, you find yourself at the funeral of someone that randomly dropped dead.

I think that there should be a service or affordable tools to help people manage their digital selves if they die suddenly.

Especially if you dabble in all this online stuff and create things.

Enough talking about that.

The Event that Caused me to Think Even More

My partners dad ended up in ICU.

He died unexpectedly. And we were all there when it happened. It was intense.

And something I’ve never experienced before.

Weeks later. She said to me “what happens if I forget his voice”

That really struck me. A LOT.

It made me think of people I know. The memories and records I have of them. The lack of records I have.

See, her dad was hardly in photos. Let alone video.

You are left to rely on your memories.

I Thought There Had to be a Thing to Help

On the Audio Scrapbook website. I talk about why it’s focused on audio. I won’t rehash it here. But I think it’s very valid reasoning.

But I wasn’t sure about the mechanism of all of this.

Oh, and I didn’t know what to call it.

For over a year.

Then for another 6 or so months I sat on the domain

And now. After all that time. I have a better idea of what I want to do. And how to build it.

An Audio Scrapbook is a collection of audio from people you care about.

That’s it.

It’s a super simple idea. One that you could do yourself right now. I recommend it. If you can. Do it.

The Website Idea

This all makes sense to me. So the idea is to build out the website. There will be a DIY guide for people to get and make their own Audio Scrapbook.

The other part will be the Audio Scrapbook services. This is where I help record audio for you.

I want to make it a website to get people to think. Get people creating memories.

What I’m Currently Up To

The front page of the website is OK currently. Took me a while to think about what to have on there and in what order.

I’ve set up most of the portal thing I will be using for paid customers. It handles almost everything.

I created the free lead magnet download. The portal manages to send that out and follow up with a drip sequence.

That’s it for now. Still got a lot of work to do.

First up is the DIY guide. Then working out the mechanisms of signing up and paying for it.

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