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How to Use Facebook Less and Still Manage Facebook Pages

Sometime I dislike Facebook

This isn’t something new. You may know this, or you might have seen this previous post where I was happy after having removed it from my phone.

It found it’s way back onto my phone, actually this time it was the Facebook Lite app, which doesn’t use much resources or data and you should check it out if you don’t like the standard version of the app.

It’s handy to have when you need to post to a page, which was the main reason I put it back on my phone, but due to sneaky sneaky designers and magical algorithms in the background you slowy get sucked back into wasting a lot of time looking at random posts from people who like to show off this amazing curated life they lead.

It’s time to delete you again Facebook

This time around I have deleted the Facebook app, but left the Facebook lite messenger on my phone. Due to the act that every time you add the messenger app to your phone it alerts everyone you know that you have it again. <— This annoys me a lot.

How do you reduce using Facebook but still use it for pages

There is a large movement of people currently sick of Facebook’s shit, are deleting it from their lives and seeing the positive benefits. is one such movement which is quite interesting.

But the thing for me and something I haven’t seen anyone easily talk about is the need to manage Facebook pages while reducing your time on Facebook.

So this is how I manage it, and the tools I use:

I use a bunch of third party apps to either schedule or help create content and they can post to any of my Facebook pages directly without ever having to open a Facebook page.

Promo Republic
Social Bee

These work well, but the trick is to actually create things well in advance and schedule them, not on the day I am posting. (that is a whole other story)

But what about Facebook itself? Well sometimes you need to be on there to deal with everything as fast as possible.

Clean up the pages you follow

Have you looked at the pages you follow on Facebook? I went through and unfollowed a whole bunch, some of them I have no idea why I followed them, or what they were about.

Removing your news feed

I only look at Facebook on the Desktop now and I have found a great plugin/extension that helps me stay focused when I need to go on Facebook. It’s called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook, and as the name says it gets rid of your News Feed. Available both for Chrome and also Firefox

In place of the news feed it shows you an inspirational quote, which if you want you can edit and add your own favorites.

Why would I want this?

What this app does is allow me to use Facebook when needed to post to pages I manage. See notifications and messages all while helping me not get distracted by my news feed.

Sorry to all the people I follow on Facebook, I have no idea what you are posting and right now I am fine with that. If I ever need to see your time line I can type your name in and go from there.

In conclusion

I’m spending a lot less time on Facebook while still being able to manage pages, without getting distracted by the time-line.

In upcoming blog posts I am going to be talking about other ways I have been managing my time and the benefits I’ve been seeing.

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