My 2018 Bullet Journal Update

I didn’t think I would be posting a Bullet Journal update this early into the year, or even this year at all.  But just with life, things change and rolling with them is the best thing to do.

In my previous posts about Bullet Journalling here and here I talk about about keeping things simple, I do think a lot of people get put off by the amazing talented artistic people out there creating amazing layouts.  But for me, I kept it simple.

I had my monthly layout, and then a daily list of things I needed to do.  Design is not in my blood, I find it hard to design anything, but I do know when I like something and my work process is usually to keep modifying something until it slowly looks better and I am happy with it, this website and the giant pumpkin one are good examples of this.

I wasn’t going out of my way trying to find a new layout, but as I follow Bullet Journal Junkies on Facebook (be prepared for hundreds of posts) it is a great way to see what people are doing and the tools they are using.

I came across the Instagram account of Bluelahe, and this post in particular caught my eye.

Would a weekly layout actually work for me?

Halfway through 2017 I decided to stop tracking things on a monthly tracker, it started to not make any sense for myself, I wasn’t doing anything with that data at the end of the month.  But a weekly tracker could allow me to stop writing out a lot of things I do everyday and help me save space.

So with almost being two eight weeks into this new layout, I like it, a lot.

So much so I’ve drawn up weekly layouts until the end of March April, and when I get time I will probably layout the rest of the year.

The running list section are the things I do a lot, and every week this can change, when I’m not growing pumpkins I can remove that task from the list.

I don’t have too much room for every day, but that is OK, that space is reserved for the most important tasks (usually one off things) everything else can be added to the running list.

I didn’t put the calendar on the weekly page as I don’t have a need for it, instead I extended my notes section.

In the end

I think there is a huge benefit to check out other people’s layouts, even you aren’t artistic there will be things you can use for your own bullet journal, and if it doesn’t work for one week or a month, then change it, you are never locked in to hoe your bullet journal is laid out.  Make it work for you.

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