Quasi Hand Sculpture - Christchurch Art Gallery Roof

Christchurch Trip and Facebook

To get a break from the craziness that is organising a giant pumpkin event I normally have a break after that has occurred, this year I decided to take a quick trip down to Christchurch before the pumpkin carnival.

New Brighton Pier

I wanted to go check out the New Brighton Pier and get some shots around there, I got a couple about 4 years ago, and I wanted to see if I could get some more great shots.

Here’s a bird that liked to pose while its photo was taken.

Bird on the Pier in New Brighton

And here is some of the pier lit up at night.

They aren’t the clearest shots and as I’m typing this I wonder if I had left the image stabilisation on and it was causing the slight blur. I still like the colours and how it turned out but will need to go back to get a better shot another time.


We also went and checked out Ferrymead which is a historic village with lots of awesome stuff to see and experience. From miniature trains to lots of fire engines and all sorts in between it really was a great day, although vey very hot and afterwards we had to smash back some Burger Fuel as we were starving.

Here’s a roundup of the shots I liked

Christchurch Art Gallery

I also checked out the Christchurch Art Gallery, Art Gallery’s are always a mixed bag of what you will find and this one was no exception, especially when they have the hand on top of the building.

Quasi Hand Sculpture - Christchurch Art Gallery Roof

Posting to Facebook

One feature on Facebook I do quite like is when it shows you photos from the past. It’s great to remember what you were up to at that time, but on the other hand I’m not a big fan of posting photos to it every day, especially when I’ve been cutting Facebook out a lot more lately in my attempt to be more productive with my time.

But taking a leaf out of my cousin’s book I’m just going to do a roundup of each month and post a bunch of photos at the end of the month to show what I’ve been up to lately. Good for family and friends to see without the constant updates, keeps me off Facebook and still gives me the options of looking back later on.

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