Hamilton Photo Walk

This is the 3rd photo walk I’ve done in February (a bit late posting this) check out my other posts on the Raglan Photo Walk and the Rotorua photo walk to find out more about a photo walk, how those went and some photos I took.

I’ve never made it to any of the previous Hamilton photo walks before, I was either busy with work, something else was on, or it was when I just had a little tiny point and shoot camera and I didn’t think I would learn anything with that. (I was wrong on that front, you can learn heaps even with a simple camera)

Hamilton NZ Bridge

So Close

The great thing about this photo walk was it started and finished 3 mins away from my place, which doesn’t really matter, cos I would have travelled, but sometimes it’s nice when things like this happen.

Lots of People

Lots of people at this photo walk and lots of people like normal with a huge range of ability.   We made our way from down near the river and the bridge into town to Garden Place to take some photos of the water fountain and get people writing with lights.

On the way, I snapped a photo from across the river of this couple just hanging out.

Garden Place fountain with lights, Hamilton, NZ

I missed out on getting any decent shot of the bridge at night as I was playing around with another shot of some stairs and painting in some dark areas with a light.  Luckily I live close to the bridge I can get a shot another night.

Sparks were Flying

Adam busted out some steel wool to give us the chance to photograph some awesome sparks.  The closest I’ve got to this previously has been fireworks.

So another great photo walk.

Later in the month on the 18th I’ll be heading along to the Rotorua Night Photography Workshop  hopefully the weather is perfect for this, check it out as it will be really awesome and something that you can’t usually do.

Things I need to work on

I need to work on taking photos by myself, I feel like a bit of a dick if it is just me taking photos.  I’m not sure why, but I do feel more comfortable when I am within a group, or just have someone else with me, even if they aren’t a photographer or even and adult.

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