Building the Niche Website Update 1

The last couple of weeks I’ve been busy building out this niche website I decided to create.

On one hand, I don’t find it hard to keep tinkering away with it. That is a good sign. It’s very easy to come up with a new idea, get excited and then have that excitement fizzle out.

On the other hand. It’s sometimes to squeeze, working on it in between other things. But that’s OK.

The Plan

The plan is to have the pages written and published by the end of the month. There’s a couple of blog posts I’m working on as well. They will form the content moving forward once the site is live.

I’m also toying with the idea of creating a podcast to go along with it. I know how to do that, and it’s something slightly different.

Oh, and I also need to create the free stuff people get when they sign up to the newsletter. That’s important.

ChatGPT and Creating Content for a Niche Website

There seems to be a few people out there going on about how amazing ChatGPT is creating vast amounts of content for their websites.

If it isn’t using ChatGPT directly, it is a product that puts its own unique spin on things. All for a low monthly fee of course.

I think ChatGPT is great for coming up with ideas and sorting information around those ideas. For writing content etc, I’m not so sure. I’ve played around with it a bit, tweaked some writing here and there. But ultimately I just don’t like using it.

Maybe I need to get better at the prompts and working with it.

Or I could just write the content in my own words and see how it goes.

Google Doesn’t Care about ChatGPT Created Content

This is their stance, apparently.

Their main concern is that the content should be useful for the end user. Which makes sense.

But man, there is some crap content out there.

I would much rather prefer to write my own stuff in my own voice and see how that performs.

I think with so much influx of AI written content, stuff written by actual people will eventually be the preferred type of content. I wonder if there will be a change at some point in the future and Google does start to care.

Maybe none of this matters when people just ask a chat window a question. Maybe the only people we need to please in the future is the chatbots themselves. Will people still read websites?

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