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If you podcast with guests or hosts via Skype or Google Hangouts then you need to check out Zencastr.

If you have had the hassles of hooking up sound boards,calls dropping out and dealing with crappy internet when trying to record podcasts and want to speed up your whole podcasting workflow, you definitely need to go and check out Zencastr.

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What is Zencastr?

Zencastr is a web-based solution to make recording podcasts remotely between people AMAZING.

It works by simplifying the whole process for everyone involved.

How Zencastr works:

  • Start a call using Skype or Hangouts
  • Invite guests via a simple link, they just need a modern browser and a microphone
  • Press record, all the tracks end up in the hosts Dropbox folder as separate tracks.

Features of Zencastr:

  • Every guest ends up with their own separate audio track, no dropouts due to a bad connection, great sounding audio.
  • You can now get automatic post processing after the recording, all the tracks can be combined and made to sound awesome.
  • Record shows up to 3 hours in length if you want.
  • Unlimited number of shows per month
  • Simple interface
  • No waiting for uploads
  • Deffer uploads if you want
  • Redundant backups
  • Bad connection fallback plan

How much does this cost?

Right now as I write this, it is currently in Beta, and is free to try out.  It will then cost between $8 – $20.  So there is no reason not to try it out, and you should, because I think it is great.

I should state that I am no way associated with Zencastr at all, it is a product I heard about and we gave it a try and it worked exactly as advertised, I was really impressed by it.  Don’t take my word for it though, go and give it a go.

Google drive integration is coming soon which is great, as I use that for most things these days.

I think almost all podcasters out there, and I mean all podcasters could benefit from using Zencastr, it is just that good.

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