The Pumpkin Podcast is Live

I launched The Pumpkin Podcast website the other day.

Its an idea I’ve had for a while and it took me a while to sort out my stuff and get it up and running.  A lot of what I learnt has been from The Chris and Sam Podcast and The NZ Filmmakers Podcast.

Working on something you are passionate about really does make a difference, so if you are doing something but it isn’t quite right for you, see if you can change something to make it better for you.

Episodes still to come

I still have to record interviews and I have one set up for next week, and another 2-3 people ready to go when we work out scheduling.  Once these are sorted out, it will be a lot easier to get more guests onto the show.

Cart before the horse

I announced the podcast site and what I was wanting to do mainly due to this being the more cost effective way of doing it.

So it will be good to get the first 3 episodes made and put out there on iTunes and other podcast places as well as being able to be played on the website.


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