Following on from the last blog post, I managed to update the website.

Actually I did it right after I wrote the last blog post. Ever just get into the zone and want to keep working on something?

I love when that happens, when you can just keep working on one thing until it is done.

So What’s New

Well I changed the front page of the website. And I changed the logo.

I’ve always found my projects somewhat random. But felt there was an overarching thing that somehow joined them.

My clarity was that one thing is me. Which is super obvious, but from a branding point of view was blurry for me.

So a change to WebSam Enterprises allows me, or makes me feel able to work on anything now without trying to pigeon hole it into a certain category, or tie it to an existing idea or project. It’s hard for me to explain it super clearly, but it’s making all the difference now.

Once you realise what you like doing, what motivates you, and you get a system/lifestyle/plan that works for you, everything just seems and feels so much better.


I’ve decided to put together a newsletter. It’s called the Super Niche Newsletter. What the hell does that mean you might be wondering.

Well… I believe that there are a large group of people that have a hobby, interest, side project that might be niche, or it might even be super niche.

And for whatever reason, these people aren’t sharing it, creating it, possibly even selling it.

I think that is a shame.

When people ask me what I do for a job, I reply “I’m a Giant Pumpkin Grower”

That’s not what pays my bills, it’s not what I do as a full time job and you know what, that doesn’t bother me. It’s what I am passionate about, it’s what I like talking about, and it ALWAYS, starts a conversation.

The newsletter is for people that need a nudge, inspiration, ideas, or just a small thing to help validate their own idea.

The emails come out once a week.  They’ll cover things such as:

  • Motivation
  • Ideas
  • Number 1 Tip
  • Tools

And various other bits and pieces, just to possibly help out someone that has a super niche side project.

Anyways, if you’ve somehow found this blog post, and you might be interested, you can sign up below and check it out.