The Great Pumpkin Carnival


The Great Pumpkin Carnival was started in 2010 and was held at the kitchen gardens within Hamilton Gardens.  I went along to the very first one and entered my very first giant pumpkin competition.

Due to growing in size the next year it was held on the Rhododendron lawn, and has been held there every since.  We’ve weighed the heaviest pumpkins in NZ and the Southern Hemisphere.


My Involvement

After that first year I became involved with the carnival, and between Jenny the creator of the event and myself we organised it for the next 6 years.  We’ve now become and incorporated society and a registered charity and have a committee behind the event.  I am currently the vice president of the carnival.

I built our website, look after all the technical stuff like newsletters and files we need printing.  It’s a sometimes challenging role, but I’ve been learning a lot.


Massive Giant Pumpkins

Years of the Event

+ People Entering Every Year

+ Visitors to the Carnival

A great event for everyone

Visit the Carnival Website

If you’d like to help out with the Carnival, or want to enter make sure to check out the website and get in touch.