Giant Pumpkins NZ

How it started

I was given a giant pumpkin seedling to grow by my sister in 2008.

Looking for information I soon learned there was no NZ resource for growing giant pumpkins, I decided to build a website to help out other people.

The Websites Journey

The website started very simple and small and has had 3 major revisions on the design.

Content is always being added to the blog and small tweaks to what is included on the website are made weekly.

Lots of Pumpkin Fun

+ Blog Posts

+ Pages pages of Information

+ Pumpkin Events Visited

Awesome Resource


Free Resources

I’ve created free resources for giant pumpkin growers and people wanting to run their own giant pumpkin event.

Free Newsletter

A free email newsletter for giant pumpkin growers delivered multiple times throughout the year.


Event Listing

I created free event listings to help people find giant pumpkin events and help organisers with google searches.

Visiting Events

I try and make to as many events as I can every season, say hello to other growers and spread the pumpkin word.

Future Plans for GPNZ

Visit More Events
  • I want to visit more pumpkin events every year.  Both here and overseas.
  • I want to help capture these events in photos and video.
  • I want to talk to people that want to take up giant pumpkin growing.
More Video
  • I’m going to shoot more video around all aspects of giant pumpkin growing.
More Website Resources
  • I’m going to continue updating the information on the website.
  • Blog updates throughout the year on what I and other growers are up to.
  • More resources for giant pumpkin growers and people wanted to run an event.
More Photos
  • My plan is to get more photos of events and cover them more in depth.
Bigger Pumpkins
  • I’m wanting to grow bigger giant pumpkins and increase my personal record.
  • I’m wanting to try new products and techniques to help me reach heavier weights.
  • Eventually, I want to get setup in my own place with a decent patch.
Pumpkin Podcast
  • I’m in the early stages of sorting out a pumpkin podcast, with the intended audience being worldwide.

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