Only Humane Film Shoot

So there are a bunch of people I know that are involved in different aspects of filmmaking, and someone always has some sort of project on the go.  This time it was Adam’s short film project Only Humane, which I will sum it up as being about a vet having a bad day.

I ended up being the props master, and I am looking after the social media side of things, something I will get onto very soon. It consisted of 5 days of shooting, two weekend and a Monday.  It had all sorts of elements to it and some obstacles to overcome during the shoot.


Almost everyone was working for $1, and we all had a contract to bind us in for the dates of the shoot.  On the whole it went pretty smoothly and I think the biggest thing was that I am sure everyone learned something.

Now what people learnt, of course, will be different for everyone as people take different things from experiences.

What did I learn?

I think I came to a better appreciation of my time.  Something I already did, but this cemented it better I think.


I’ve been cautious to just say yes to things without better understanding the requirements and I think I will contemplate this more in the future for any other upcoming things.

The experience was an enjoyable one and I can’t wait to see the finished product.


All photos were taken by Dan Inglis who took some awesome behind the scenes shots during the filming.

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