One Day or Day One? – Introduction

I had the idea of writing an eBook. To help people that need motivation to start working on their awesome idea.

But I got busy. As you do.

And while I have written a chunk of this book, and I think it has good information. I’m not sure it is worth making into an actual eBook. Sure it might a couple of dollars, maybe. I think it’s better to post it as a series of blog posts. So here we go, the first one.


Hi there

Welcome to my book. blog post.

So who is this for? Well the way I like to think about it is, it’s for anyone that hasn’t started the random idea they have.

It’s for people needing motivation, a kick, a reason to get started. The people that think their idea isn’t good enough, won’t make any money, is silly, dumb, stupid, or any other reason that stops them from starting.

This could be you, right now. Or it could be someone you know.

You might be wondering who is writing this book blog post. I’m a guy named Sam living in New Zealand. Over the years I’ve started a nationwide Secret Santa on Twitter that got mentioned all around the world. I’m interested in growing giant pumpkins, and was and still am one of only 2 people ever to paddle around in a pumpkin boat here in NZ.

I list all the Op Shops in the country, I do a weekly podcast with my flatmate, and I have a bunch of other ideas I’m thinking of starting, one of which was to write this book blog post series.

And that’s the key. To start.

Will it be one day, or is this day one?

Let’s find out.

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