Man Flu Sucks

I Hate Being Sick

This last week has been terrible on the health front, I have got a cold or worse still a man flu and it has really knocked me.  I seem to be coming right now though and should be plowing ahead with lots of different things.  With a lot of work still going on with The Great Pumpkin Carnival which is only just over 2 weeks to go.

Rainbows End

I went to Rainbows end on the weekend and that was the start of feeling strange, although I had put that down to mainly going on rides that make me feel sick, usually anything that goes around in a circle does that.  But I did step out of my comfort zone and go on the rollercoaster which was pretty cool.

And sure Rainbows end is nothing like the theme parks overseas I am told by many people who like to moan and bring things down, but for the one and only park like it in NZ, I feel it is doing really well, everything was running smoothly, everyone was doing their job and the place looked great hopefully, the next time I am there it won’t be the 20+ year gap it has been since the last time.

Pricing for help

I follow and know a lot of different people from all walks of life, and I am always blown away by what people are selling their services for and also what people are willing to spend on said services.  Don’t get me wrong, well done on the people selling services for great prices and making money.  But sometimes if people just learned to use Google and actually read up on some stuff they could do a lot of it themselves.

But…. time is precious and why not just pay someone else to do it.

Maybe that is where I go wrong, I really should figure out what I want to be doing and start charging people for it.  Until that point in time, if you want to talk about something, just hit me up via the contact page.

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