In early 2009 while driving, I somehow came onto the idea of a website for Op Shops in NZ. I thought there must have been one already, it turns out there wasn’t.

I set to work gathering as many Op Shop details from around the country as I could, and I started adding them onto the website.

As the website grew, so did the amount of people sending in other Op Shops to add to the site as well as corrections to the ones I already had listed.

Over the years not much had changed, with few design changes the site at there for a long period a little bit neglected.

I even got whole lists sent to me from large charity organisations with all their Op Shops, just to make sure I was all up to date.

Time for an upgrade

I had thought about upgrading the site for a while, but it was always on the back burner behind everything else. Until 2015 when I finally bit the bullet and decided to find a better solution to what I already had.

After a lot of trial and error, money spent and subsequently wasted, in August I had something I was happy to put out there. In between the old site and the rebuild of the new site the listings grew from 380 to over 500.

While a lot of the directories these days can be fully automated, my site is still just me, interacting with people and adding information when needed. I still have a lot of Op Shops to update and this is something I will be working on.

I have plans to grow my community of enthusiastic Op Shoppers, and to help out the Op Shops themselves.

www.opshopdirectory.co.nz is where you can find the site.

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