In 2008, my sister gave me a giant pumpkin seedling to grow. I didn’t know anything about them, but I was interested right from the start.

As I looked for information on the internet I soon realised there was no website in NZ about giant pumpkin growing. I decided to build it. was born.

Over the years, a lot of work has gone into the site, from design to information and adding features.

From information on growing giant pumpkins to event listings and an email newsletter, I’ve met a lot of other giant pumpkin growers over the years and have made connections all over the country.

Then we paddled pumpkins

In 2014 I was the 2nd person ever to paddle in a giant pumpkin, Tim was the first and once we had his “boat” ready, the spare pumpkin turned into my “boat” we got a lot of media coverage and still find it being mentioned today at various events.

Pumpkin Boats


Media Articles

Stuff Article
NZ Herald Article
Radio NZ Article

Into the future

I am currently setting up an online shop to provide products to growers out there, am trying to beat my own personal record and to spread the giant pumpkin growing word to whoever may listen.

My aim is to get to more pumpkin events and to eventually get to events overseas and experience US giant pumpkin growing firsthand.

To keep up with what I am doing with the Giant Pumpkins make sure to check out

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