I haven’t forgotten about updating this for May, so that is a win for me.

Fortnightly to Monthly

For the longest time (forever) all my bills no matter what they came out fortnightly, once I started sorting out my shit, and a big part of that came down to using YNAB for everything and getting really comfortable with it and budgeting for everything I moved as many bills as I can over to a monthly payment, I think I’ve mentioned this before. But the actual act of moving to monthly from fortnightly payments might not sound like much to most people, but it is a huge move and means I am getting on top of my finances.

So, with that move in mind, it means that there are two months of the year where the monthly payments are taken care of before they are due, and I have a “spare” amount of money. The months this happens for me is May, and also in October.

In theory, all of that extra money should be thrown at debt, but…. Let’s be realistic, life happens and there are things I am working towards.

How May Went

May was OK, I’m not keeping track of the difference between the months, instead, I am focusing on the big picture of the start of debt and where I am right now. You can see where I am by checking out the money page on the website.

Extra Debt

There was no extra debt added to the amount apart from not making as big of a payment to the credit card as I would have liked, I am concentrating on the GE Money debt first as that has a stupid interest rate attached to it.

Extra Payments Made

GE Money got the extra payments this month, it feels good making them and I really really can’t wait to get rid of that debt.

Unexpected Expenses

The car has been making a screeching sound for way too long, then it died on me going to work one day, and then wouldn’t start. One of the biggest things I find with car problems, being someone that knows not a lot about cars and how to fix them, is where is a good place to take them to. I always feel that a lot of places just make up figures and it’s always hard to trust places. You also need to either have a place nearby that you can walk to, find a ride from someone, or see if they have a loan car.

Luckily the auto electricians we use for work who I’ve dealt with before and seem like good guys have branched out to all mechanical work, so a new drive belt and battery, the car is now much more reliable.

I had to shift a little bit of money around to cover this but had most of it sorted by the emergency fund and car servicing I had set aside, I was quite happy with myself, but need to remember to get things looked at earlier before they turn into a major thing.

Other Expenses

This month it seemed like I spent a lot more at the supermarket than in April, part of that is doing the grocery shop on the last day of May for the next two weeks, and part of it was I went to the supermarket a lot. Sometimes for needed things, and other times for random stuff. Being able to see this in a report really shows how much random spending I do.

  • I spent a bunch of money on vitamins, way cheaper to buy these from overseas from iHerb.com, I’m hoping they help me with my energy levels as well as looking at what I am eating.
  • I bought plane tickets for July to Christchurch, which is great and the only time I could fit in a trip due to being busy lately.
  • I got a couple of books as well, which I’ll probably do a post about in the future.

Looking Ahead to June I need to remind myself to pay myself first, put more money aside into the savings account I can’t touch, and also dump even more money onto the debt, it’s better to put more money into these two things early on, and have less money for food etc, then wasting money at the end of the pay period on stuff I don’t need.

How’s your money journey going? Let me know in the comments below.