January 2017 Debt Update

January is over and done with and here is the update on the debt front.

I started with -$8634.12 and now have -$8244.11 which means I have paid $390.01 of debt in January

I sold some stuff on Trademe, haven’t spent much at all on food, birthdays or saving for Christmas, but I did still manage to get out and do things like night luging, and drove to Hastings for a funeral.

If I didn’t go anywhere at all, I could have easily added another $150 just from petrol savings onto the credit card.


In January I also changed my credit card which was a mission due to the bank sending it to a place I lived at 10 years ago for some reason, I also looked into my insurance and changed from State to AA Insurance, the main reasons for this were:

  • State would no longer insure my car for the value I wanted
  • I got sick of the waiting time with State and it was hit or miss if the person you spoke to seemed onto it or not
  • They only cover PC’s up to 5 years old, for old for new (I got caught out once by this)

How’s February shaping up

I don’t have too much planned for February itself so that should keep costs down as I throw more money onto the credit card, but I probably do need to start saving money for my planned trip to Gisborne in April and I want to get some things embroided before pumpkin events start happening.

I’m going to have to up my game if I want to get rid of this debt by the end of the year.

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