February 2017 Debt Update

This month has been a bit shit on the money front.  Not the best way to start this whole thing but there you go.

How the Money went for the Month

Apart from the money side of things, the month on the whole was really good actually.

I started with -$8244.11 and ended it with -$8087.70 which means I paid off $156.41 in my debt.  Not the most exciting figure in the world, but here’s what’s been going on.

Everything happens on the 1st

I’ve managed to get almost every single bill I pay to come out on the 1st of the month, previously it was every fortnight a day after my pay day.

This has meant there has been a lot of weird part payments to allow all the payments to come out today, or some of the payments today are a bit more than they would normally be.  Once this month is done, next month will all be on track.

In theory, I will be able to take advantage of those 2 months of the year (May and November for me) when I get 3 pay days.  Something I’ve never really done before.

Some guy drove into my car

Driving down a straight piece of road and a car came out of a give way intersection and drove straight into the rear passenger door of my car, pushing my car sideways and leaving a nice dent.  The car he was in had no damage, which was the first thing he said, yay for him.  My car is a bit more stuffed.

Luckily my daughter wasn’t in the car as that’s the side she sits on normally.

They are disputing the facts, so it’s still up in the air if I am paying my excess ($500), but while they sort that out, my car is getting fixed and I have a 2016 Suzuki Swift to drive around in for the next 10 or so days.  In last month’s update I mentioned I changed insurance from State to the AA, AA has been nothing but awesome and I really like dealing with them.

I didn’t have a fully stocked emergency fund, so I had to do some creative budgeting and move things around in YNAB.  It’s not too bad, but if I do need to pay that excess I will have to put slightly larger amounts of money into the budget to still reach the goals I have.


My daughters birthday is this month, and I spent some money getting books from bookdepository.co.uk, seriously if you don’t know what that is, check it out, books with free shipping worldwide, cheaper than you can buy here normally.

Credit Card Update

I thought I was being clever and was putting the amount I spent on the credit card straight onto the credit card after using it, to keep it all in check.  This worked quite well when I was using the OneSmart prepaid credit card, but for an actual credit card you have to wait for it to appear on the statement in internet bankings.

I was basically using it, then putting money on which was then used for the purchase, basically undoing all the good plans I had.  I now know it can take ages for payments to appear, especially over weekends so a lesson learnt.

I also managed to earn $9.20 in airpoints for the month on the new card, not much in the grand scheme of things, but better than flybys points, and I will add to it over the next couple of months.

Shift of Focus

I’m still going to be putting more than the minimum amount onto the credit card, but I am going to smash out the GEM Visa card first, something is coming off interest free at some stupid rate, and for some reason any debt with them just makes me angry, I’m guessing it’s them trying to give me more credit to use all the time that pisses me off.

So there we go, February all done and dusted, lets see how March shapes up.

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